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3 Month Diet Plan

$379.00 every 3 months


What You Get

Hanley Strength does not deal in cookie cutter diets or training programs.

For our premium service, our 1 on 1 diet or training coaching, all of our diet and training programs are custom designed based strictly on the information provided by you, our client. These premium services are provided by one of the most qualified coaches in the fitness industry. You’ll be working with a expert caliber coach.

We closely monitor each client’s weekly progress and make any necessary adjustments to their customized program via the updates the client is expected to provide 2x/week – we want to give you the greatest chance of success in reaching your goals. We also set no restrictions on the volume or frequency of contact between you and your coach. Simply put, if you email us with a question, we will respond in a timely manner.  This means that our coach responds to emails at a set time of the day each day. We want to ensure client success and the clients that have the most success are the ones that provide regular updates to us.

*Usual turnaround time for initial programs for 1 on 1 coaching client is 2-3 business days. This is from the time we have ALL of the client’s information (questionnaire, signed waiver, and start up picture).

*There are NO refunds/transfers of service on diet and/or training programs sent. No exceptions. There is a $50 cancellation fee if any order is refunded before the diet/training program is sent.


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