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Our custom membership is our most popular offering! You will receive an individualized workout program written specifically for you by a coach who will take into account your goals, your workout history, and any injuries or health considerations you might have. 

The Custom Membership Experience

Coaching Sessions
You will have a session with a coach every single week to learn your program and receive guidance on form and technique. 
Open Gym
Outside of your weekly scheduled coaching sessions, you can come in and use the gym to complete the rest of your program whenever you’d like!
Group Classes
While you will want your focus to be on completing your program that your coach has written specifically for you, we also recommend adding some group classes into the mix!
A coach will check in on you via e-mail to see if you have any questions/concerns, updated goals, or issues you’d like to speak about. This is just one more way we can work toward helping you reach your goals!

Our custom membership is great for folks who are looking to get into working out but aren't sure where to start!

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Expert Coaching

The built-in coaching sessions help to ensure you’re performing exercises properly and improve your accountability and consistency!

Goal Oriented

Whether it’s to lose 50lbs, run a marathon, workout through pregnancy, or become a better athlete, we build programs around your specific needs!

What Makes Our Custom Membership Unique

Individualized Workout Programs
Most gyms just leave you to your own devices when it comes to putting together your workout plan. This can lead to uncertainty, frustration, and a lack of results.

We wanted to take the guess-work out of working out, so with our customized membership you will receive a completely individualized workout program! Every 4-6 weeks your program designer will write you a new program so that you continue to progress and avoid hitting plateaus or getting bored!
Semi-Private Personal Training
Semi-private personal training is when one coach works with three members at a time. All three members are doing their own individualized workouts, but the coach is overseeing the session and making sure everyone knows how to perform their exercises properly, how to adjust the equipment, etc.

After many years of one-on-one personal training, it became clear that it was unnecessary for the trainer to be constantly hovering over the client and counting their reps for them. We also realized that this one-on-one setting was not conducive to creating autonomy for our clients. Since one of our top prioritize is to empower our members to feel confident and comfortable in the gym, we realized that a semi-private model was the perfect way to give them some more freedom and autonomy, but also the coaching and attention that they needed when learning new exercises! Not only that, but working out alongside your peers is always a lot more fun and enjoyable!
Unlimited Use of Open Gym
A component of many personal training studios that creates a lot of frustration for folks is that you are only able to workout when you’re with a trainer! We didn’t like the idea of limiting the amount of time someone could spend working out on their own, so we incorporated an open gym setting where you can come in and grab your workout program at any time!
World-Class Coaching
Our coaches at Hanley Strength are extremely knowledgeable certified personal trainers. But they don’t stop learning after their certified personal trainer exams. All of our coaches are committed to continuing education (it’s one of our core values) and they are continuously attending workshops, seminars, and certifications to hone their craft. They’re constantly bringing their best and staying up to date with the latest best practices in strength and conditioning!

One affordable price with access to everything

Hanley Strength is one of the most positive places I have ever worked out! My transformation in a year is unbelievable and Mike works to improve anyone! He encourages everyone no matter your fitness level!!

Anthony Marino

Hanley Strength is the best! I have been going for not even a year & have noticed such a positive difference in my body & mind. A great gym with great people, cannot recommend enough!!

Grace Suttera
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Customized Membership

Unlimited Open Gym Access 
Individualized Programming
1 Weekly Coaching Sessions
Unlimited Group Classes & Class Programming
Comprehensive Coach Support
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All memberships include a one-time $49 enrollment fee. 

Schedule a Strategy Session & Get Started Now!

Your first step in getting started is to schedule a strategy session!

It can be really hard to know if a gym is right for you without getting a chance to try it out first! That’s why we offer a FREE initial session to anyone who is interested in becoming a member!
How does a strategy session work?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

You start with a free strategy session. The strategy session gives you the opportunity to meet with a coach and see what Hanley Strength is all about before you ever spend a penny! You can sign up for your strategy session by clicking here!

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

We offer a 30-day guarantee on all of our membership options. We know that signing up for a year-long membership is a big commitment, so we want to make sure you have a chance to decide if it truly is right for you. If you are not satisfied with your membership after your first 30 days with us, you can cancel without penalty.

How often do you raise your rates?

We raise our rates to keep up with general inflation, but we will never raise your rates as long as you remain a current member! Even when we do raise our membership rates for new incoming members, you will be grandfathered in to your original rate for as long as you stay with us!

What does "Semi-Private" training mean?

Semi-private training means that during a coaching session, there are up to five members working with one coach. Each member will still be working on their own individualized workout plan, and the coach is there to guide each person through the workout and provide feedback on form, how much weight to use, etc. It is just like a personal training session, but with a little more autonomy and independence!

How long are your contracts?

We prefer to take a long-term approach to fitness which is why we have 12-month agreements. We want to give our members the most sustainable, long-lasting results possible, and this can only be done through progressive training strategies over a longer period of time. We do offer month-to-month contract options at a higher price point – you can inquire about pricing for month-to-month at your strategy session.

Do you offer student discounts?

We actually don’t offer any discounts. We always want to be fair to all of our members across the board, and to offer some discounts and not others would be unfair. This also means that there would never be an instance where someone who signed up after you would get a lower membership rate.

What do your programs entail?

In order for our program design team to create your individualized workout program, we first discuss your goals, injury history, and training experience during your strategy session. We then take you through a quick physical evaluation to determine if you have any specific mobility or strength limitations that we could work on in order to improve your overall movement quality. All of these findings are taken into consideration when your programmer designs your first program. After 4-6 weeks when it is time for a new program, our coaches and program designers work together and collaborate with you to progress your plan appropriately!

Have any other questions?

We would be happy to answer them! Our support team is available between the hours of 5am-8pm Monday-Thursday, 5am-7pm Friday, and 8am-2pm Saturday. They can be reached at 609-551-4980. Or you can contact us using the form at the bottom of this page, or email us at

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Gym Hours

Monday - Thursday: 6am-11am, 3pm-6pm
Friday: 6am-11am, 3pm-5pm
Saturday: 8am-11am
Sunday: Closed (rest day!)

Gym Details

We have two gender neutral bathrooms. We do not have a large locker room or changing area, so please plan accordingly when joining us for a class or training session!

Ask us about our FREE initial session for new members!

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