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We're Proud Of What We Do At Hanley Strength, and we've had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people just like you achieve their goals. 

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Anthony Marino

Hanley Strength is one of the most positive places I have ever worked out! My transformation in a year is unbelievable and Mike works to improve anyone! He encourages everyone no matter your fitness level!!

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Personal Training
Dane Gittings

Mike provides excellent instruction and detail on performing lifts properly! Super friendly environment with a great group of others to train with. The results of my decision to join Hanley Strength has improved my health greatly.

Personal Training
Barbara Neenhold

Hanley Strength has really helped me to meet my fitness goals and to find a community of support and encouragement to set new personal bests as well. I had never been much into a gym membership, but I set a goal to become more active and healthy. I have never looked back since joining. Mike worked with me in a very customized way and was supportive every step of the way. He has a true talent at helping to set up a varied and challenging workout for me each week that changes enough that I don’t get bored. I have set multiple personal bests and also look and feel the best I have in years. In addition, to a workout plan - Mike provides a good overview of what and how to eat in a way that supports a healthy lifestyle but is not restrictive. He works with me to make the best choices for me and provides support and encouragement. Overall, I am very grateful that I took the leap and joined the Hanley Strength community.

Personal Training
Elizabeth Troiano

Since starting at Hanley Strength I have never felt alone. Not only has Hanley Strength helped me physically but also mentally. I am more confident, I am focused and I am finally becoming the best version of myself!!

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Evan Shoffler

At Hanley Strength I feel that we are a community. I feel that our community welcomes new people to step out of their comfort zones and try new things.

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Grace Suttera

Hanley Strength is the best! I have been going for not even a year & have noticed such a positive difference in my body & mind. A great gym with great people, cannot recommend enough!!

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Personal Training
Jackson Schiffbauer

It's a very welcoming atmosphere. When you walk in everyone says hi and welcomes you in, and inexperienced or not the trainers will help you with any exercise you are struggling with.

Personal Training
Jay Dicave

Hanley Strength was an easy life change because of the atmosphere that Mike provides. He's gives you unfiltered feedback and keeps it real. Great adult and youth programs that my son and I have been part of for over 3 years

Sports Performance
Michele Cummiskey

I've been a client of Hanley Strength for over 7 years now. With Mike's coaching I have lost 40 pounds and have kept it off. If you are serious about getting healthy this is the best place for you.

Nutrition Coaching
Personal Training
Michele Hume

Coach Mike is very Knowledgeable in weight training and nutrition. Having trained with him has been a great journey in strength and weight loss. I would highly recommend Hanley Strength

Nutrition Coaching
Personal Training
Reid Levin

The experience at Hanley Strength is like no other gym in the area. The workouts are tailor made to fit your fitness goals. Even if you are a beginner and are hesitant you're never alone at Hanley Strength.

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Personal Training
Jayne Sudell

Hanley's gym is the best. Very clean and organized. I’ve been doing classes for a while now and also training with Mike. Love it!!

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Gym Hours

Monday - Thursday: 6am-11am, 3pm-6pm
Friday: 6am-11am, 3pm-5pm
Saturday: 8am-11am
Sunday: Closed (rest day!)

Gym Details

We have two gender neutral bathrooms. We do not have a large locker room or changing area, so please plan accordingly when joining us for a class or training session!

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